Organize Shopify Bin Locations

Increase organization and master space efficiency for Shopify inventory
Organize Shopify Bin Locations
Visual Bin Locations

View your shelves, and every bin location within your warehouse on a visual map. Quickly access products in the bin, quantities, and order to pick in that bin location

A Home For Every Product

Allocate your Shopify product to bin locations by leveraging the SKUSavvy Shopify app. Information syncs back so you know exactly what products go where.

Bin Location Replenishment

Automatically issue bin replenishment tasks to move inventory from one bin location to another. Lock a bin location to allow only those products.

Automatically Replenish Shopify Pick Bin Location

Accept any unit of measure, then allocate this inventory to bin locations. When bin locations are set to be replenished, SKUSavvy will automatically issue a transfer request to bring a larger UOM for restocking the pick bin location.

Assign and Scan Shopify Bin Location Barcodes

For each bin location in your warehouse, SKUSavvy will generate a barcode that can be printed and scanned. Use this barcode to scan inventory to the bin location. When picking this ensures accuracy of the inventory coming from the bin location.

Supercharge Your Shopify Bin Location Tracking

For a better Shopify inventory experience utilize SKUSavvy as an end-to-end platform managing the warehouse, inventory, bin locations, purchases, order management, pick pack ship, and more. Efficiently find and move any item quickly, on any device.

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Visualize your exact inventory all the time

Bin locations help you keep track of where product is within your warehouse, making it fast to find product, pick product, and track inventory throughout the whole process.
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Visually Locate Bins and Items

Each bin location is held within a shelf inside your warehouse. Bins can hold products, and enable faster picking by arranging a pick path.

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Bin Locations for Each Item

Click into a single inventory item to view all bin locations within the warehouse holding this item, quickly move or adjust inventory here.

bin location replenishment
Bin Location Replenishment

Automate the full movement of inventory from reception to pallet storage, pallet to case bin locations, and case to single with

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Everything You Need

Warehouse. Inventory. Purchasing. Check-In. Order Management. Pick Pack Ship. Mobile.

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