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Visual warehousing optimizes your operations

Spend less time finding inventory and more time with an optimized warehouse through visual warehousing. Every product accounted for from the check-in and put-away through to final fulfillment. Handle the largest SKU counts easily navigate the most complex of warehouse layouts with 3D visual pick routing.
Fast error free pick-pack-ship
Empower employees while reducing pick times with mobile pick-pack-ship. Eliminate errors with barcode scanning, set workflow automations and display the visual location of pick bins for no guess pick routes
Scalable Shopify Plus dual sync
Real-time data sync for orders, product, and inventory. Power through tens of thousands of orders at scale with confidence your data is accurate, up to date, and communicated efficiently throughout the system.
Improve your inventory visibility
Manage your Shopify plus inventory at scale with bin level quantity detail across multiple locations. Quickly respond to low inventory and move inventory around using automation rules so your stock is always ready.

Powerful Features and Robust Shopify Plus Sync

As an end-to-end solution for Shopify Plus merchants you'll have everything you need to ensure success across the operations of your business from purchase forecasting to check-in and all the way through your pick-pack-ship fulfillment process

Orders & Fulfillment

With dual sync between your Shopify Plus orders and order status you'll have one place for all orders across locations. Pick smarter with batches. Make order edits, split shipments, move or cancel shipments, and update tracking in either system.

Unlimited SKUs

Pull in all your product information and maintain a real-time sync on new product updates from Shopify Plus. Use product tags in automation rules to streamline management and enjoy no limits on SKU count.

Warehouse Locations

Your Shopify Plus locations become visual warehouses directly in SKUSavvy.  Keep track of stock between stores, enable transfers and split fulfillments across locations then update your Shopify Plus store in real-time for all inventory updates.

Inventory Management

Maintain a real-time inventory sync from SKUSavvy to your Shopify Plus inventory. Use barcoding to easily take action on the right item every time. Log all movements including bin movements, check-in, cycle counts, picks, and transfers.
built for shopify plus order fulfillment

Orders & Fulfillment

All your orders flowing into one place with the tools to make edits, change status, or alert customers on their shipment.
Multi-Store Orders
Connect multiple Shopify Plus stores into one account to deal with orders and updates in aggregate
Order Edits
Make order edits to quantity or substitute items on the order with real-time updates to/from Shopify
Status Updates
Update customers based on their order status to/from Shopify which can hold or archive, cancel or fulfill orders
Order Routing
Adopt the routing rules that works best for your store to intelligently match orders with inventory
Split Order Fulfillment
Powerful order splitting capabilities to send partial orders, or move parts of an order to another location
Move full or partial order fulfillment to another location to ensure on-time delivery from available stock
Order Tag Automation
Use order tagging from Shopify Plus flow to optimize the order management and fulfillment process
Order Filters
Easily find and sort through orders to take action, find the right order or deal with issues fast
batch picking built for Shopify

Order Batching

Create efficient order pick batches based on your workflow rules to reduce pick time and distance travelled in the warehouse. Get more orders done with intelligent batching based on similarity, lines, product tags, order tags, zones, or priority.
Efficient Pick Routing
Let the system automatically plan batches with the shortest pick routes covering the most orders
Configurable Batch Rules
Set rules to batch by product tag, order tag, dates, delivery zones, carrier, and priority
Single and Multi-Order
Pick single or multiple orders in one pick batch with atuomated employee assignment
API Batching
Generate your own batches using the GraphQL API to make custom batches based on internal requirements
Bulk Batch Processing
Handle subscriptions or large product drops seamlessly with bulk processing of up to 1000 orders at a time
Custom Batch Labels
Handle subscriptions or large product drops seamlessly with bulk processing of up to 1000 orders at a time
Batch Notifications
Customize and print batch labels for hand-off to packing stations and reassign batches easily
shopify plus visual pick path

Pick-Pack Workflow

Cut your pick costs and improve on-time order delivery for your Shopify Plus store with SKUSavvy mobile pick and pack. Efficient pick route planning and 3D visual bin locations make it effortless to pick large batches quickly. Replace 3+ apps with a single platform.
Visual Picking
Bin positions highlight on a map indicating the location of products needed to fulfill order batches
Toggle Barcode Scans
Set required scan points on the bin and product for accurate picks across any device or hardware scanner
FIFO Picking
System determined pick bin for products with multiple bin locations so older stock moves out faster
Lot Tracking
Identify picks based on expiration date and lot numbers. Easy traceability for regulatory requirements
Real Time Pick Data
Pick large orders as a team with no double picking and receive inventory updates in real-time
Pick Updates
As customers make changes or cancel their order these are received so items can be unpicked back to bin
Smart Pick Routes
Let the system determine the fastest way to pick and allow flexibility to make adjustments as needed
Automated Box Sizing
Cut down on packing time with box sizes determined and automatically applied to your fulfillment
Mobile Fulfillment
Run as many devices as you need and access any part of the pick-pack fulfillment workflow across all mobile platforms
Multi-box Shipping
Cut shipping costs significantly with multi-box shipping for Shopify Plus stores using SKUSavvy
3D Palletization
Visualize and optimize large order packing with a 3D representation of the order and recommended box
Packaging Scan and Image
View the items being packaged and turn on packing scans to serve as a final QA of items being shipped

Fulfillment & Shipping

Replace the workflow of several Shopify apps with one single platform to connect carriers, manage packaging, pull rates, print labels, split shipments and get your shipments out the door on-time every time.
50+ Carriers
Connect with all your carriers to receive rates and purchase the best labels based on customer preference
Rate Shopping
Get rates across all connected carriers with automated sorting based on cost and delivery time
Address Validation
Automatically validate and fix shipping addresses to cut down on errors
Shipping Manifests
Generate shipping manifests for supported carriers
Custom Shipping Labels
Build your own custom labels for internal, wholesale, delivery or pickup orders
Automated Printing
Print packing slips and shipping labels on the fly with print settings
Custom Weight Entry
Connect a scale to override system weight during fulfillment or use the system weight including items and box weight
International Orders
Pack and shipyour Shopify Plus orders across the globe with commercial invoices and customs settings

ORder Management

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Warehouse Sync

Supercharge your locations with relevant tools to manage inventory effectively across one or many different stores, warehouses, and fulfillment centers.
Visual Warehouse
Create a map of each location for inventory and make bin locations broad or specific to your needs
Routing Priorities
Match the order routing priority set within your Shopify Plus store and fulfill across locations
Bin Labels
Create labels for each of your bin locations for a neat and organized warehouse operation
Employee Assignment
Provide roles and permissions then enable that employee within the designated warehouse
Warehouse level notifications for inventory, order batches, lot expirations, and cycle counts
Workflows for both sides of a warehouse transfer to balance inventory
Automated Bin Movement
Set up bin replenishment rules within a warehouse to automatically rebalance inventory where its needed
Warehouse Analytics
Track your warehouse fulfillments, inbound shipments, and actions by employee
shopify plus inventory management system

Inventory Management

Keep a tight watch on your inventory with all the tools needed to bring new inventory in, move it around, and monitor all actions taken with your inventory. Keep your inventory in lockstep with Shopify Plus with real-time data sync from SKUSavvy.
Visual Inventory
Easily find your products on a visual map highlighting each location of that item throughout your warehouse
Inventory Logs
Track every movement with intricate logs and narrow down by action type, employee, or date range
Reconcile inventory used for external fulfillments or POS orders
Global Inventory
View inventory across all your warehouse or store locations in a single streamlined view
Inventory Status
Distinguish between on-hand, committed, and expected stock values with clear visibility
Visual Replenishment
View current inventory levels visually on a graph of min/max ranges or time series, and avg. sales
Ad-Hoc Adjustments
Make adjustments to stock with attached reasons or bring new stock in outside of a PO
Inventory Analytics
View visual stock levels compared to their par value ranges on an individual warehouse level
Cycle Count
Count your inventory automatic or manually select bins or products you want to count then assign to employees
automated stock replenishment

Stock Replenishment

Keep your stock levels moving and understand when you need to have new stock flow in to match pick location requirements and demand forecasted quantities.
Bin Replenishment
Set up automated movements between two or more bins for instance from overstock to pick bins
Par Value
Set desired min & max ranges for the system to use when reordering stock from any given vendor
Bin to Bin Movement
Move inventory from one bin to another with one scan to rebalance inventory around the warehouse
FIFO/FEFO Inventory
Move product making sure oldest product or expiring product clears out first with visual cue to help
Automated Stock Purchase
Based on par values, on-hand, committed, expected, avg. sales, and lead time
Stock Filters
Filter stock by price, cost, lot, type, inventory level, category, bin type and more
Stock Adjustments
Set up bin replenishment rules within a warehouse to automatically rebalance inventory where its needed
Visual Stock Levels
View stock levels visually to compare across items in the warehouse with their desired levels

Shopify Product Sync

Make edits to your products and have them flow directly into SKUSavvy in real-time. Keep track of product tags and take action based on tag structure. Pull in new SKUs and recognize barcodes added on Shopify Plus inventory management.
Product Information
Keep your products up to date in both systems with information flowing in via webhooks in real-time
Generate SKUs & Barcodes
Generate SKUs and barcodes for products that don't have them directly within SKUSavvy
Variant Images
Pull in images for product and variants for easy identification across your product catalog
Status Updates
Set products to active, draft, or archived state to keep your product catalog clean
Meta Fields
Store product specific details in meta fields then access or update that data via API calls
Product Filters
Easily find and sort through products to take action, find the right product or deal with issues fast
Barcode Formatting
Set default barcode formats and read product barcodes in 20 different formats
Vendor Mapping
Automatically map your Shopify Plus product vendors into SKUSavvy with costs aligned for simple purchasing
Product Dimensions
Add dimensional information to your products for accurate packaging and shipping rates
Product Bundles
Create and hold kit recipes to be consumed either in pre-assembly or in-line during a pick batch
Lot Track & Trace
Assign lot numbers and expiration dates to incoming inventory while optionally keeping lots separate by bin

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