General FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding the SKUSavvy platform, pricing, and your account.

Basic FAQ

Why the name SKUSavvy?

SKU - better known as 'Stock Keeping Unit' is a numerical ID associated with each unique product that a business sells. Each SKU typically has a barcode associated with it, so the SKU can be scanned, and the product (including its attributes) can be tracked along each stage of its journey from manufacturer to retailer, to customer. We named the company and product SKUSavvy given our core feature set revolving around the tracking and movement of SKUs. We are very Savvy in this area!

What is SKUSavvy

SKUSavvy is a warehouse management system incorporating all crucial components for managing purchase orders, product check-in, inventory, warehouse allocation, replenishment, order management, picking, packaging & fulfillment, shipping, returns management, cross-docking, multi-warehouse management, reporting, barcode scanning, reporting, and employee roles assignment.

What makes SKUSavvy different?

We do things differently, in that we utilize a visual warehouse management interface so every spot in your warehouse is visualized on an interactive screen. We show exactly where your items should go on check-in, and we show again when your employees are picking products. Each shelf and bin is stored on a map which allows you to take actions such as planning product movement, viewing quantities available, planning picks, or emptying bins. In addition, SKUSavvy is built to work across any device, and specifically on mobile devices, so you can cut down on the hardware required to operate. Further, SKUSavvy is building the only WMS that has a built-in network. That is right, if you have suppliers, you can invite them to your warehouse, so they can view their inventory, approve POs, send new inventory, or make payments. This network effect gets better as more companies join.

How does SKUSavvy deal with pick and pack?

Once a customer places an order these orders flow into the system automatically. Since the system will hold all the information on where the product is within the warehouse we guide you around visually to pick all these products in what we call a batch (same product, same quantities across multiple orders). Once a batch is picked, these items can be dropped at a fulfillment station where you can scan the bin number, pull up the packaging information, print a label, and send it out.  This process is seamlessly managed within the SKUSavvy application so all the relevant details are right there.

Whats included with my subscription?

Every account includes all features. When you first set up a company on SKUSavvy, you will be prompted to add employees. Each employee you add will get a full SKUSavvy account tied with your organization. Each employee account has all the features, except what you limit based on role and task assignment. Your subscription is based on order volume, so add as many users as you like with unlimited usage.

How much does SKUSavvy cost?

SKUSavvy is a fully-featured small and medium enterprise warehouse management & fulfillment system. The advantages you get while using SKUSavvy to organize your business are significant, even when compared to top-tier systems. That said, our pricing model is based on the order volume coming into your storefront across channels. Any order, including inbound, outbound, and cross-dock requests will be added to the total of your order count monthly. Your total SKUSavvy bill is charged monthly with your first 49 orders free. 50+ orders/month and up will range from $0.19/order - $0.04/order and you will be charged one month from the time of your signup.
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Where is my data stored? Is it backed up?

We utilize Amazon Web services and Heroku hosting platforms. These services are nearly infinitely scalable and enable us to open up new virtual machines as we need them to support any level of usage on the platform. Our entire server and database has regular backups daily that enable us to instantly re-boot for you should something ever go wrong.

Will I get charged during my trial?

You will not get charged for 30 days after you sign up for SKUSavvy which will include full access to SKUSavvy. As orders come in from various channels or purchase orders are made these will accrue throughout the month, and you will be charged at the end of the 30-day period.

What is the implementation time?

Depending on the complexity of your products, warehouse layout, customers and vendors, as well as the number of integrations you need, the implementation time will vary. Typically it takes companies between one and three months to get fully up and running. That said, for a smaller brand with an eCommerce storefront, you can likely get up and running within a week.