Shopify Questions

Understand the specifics of SKUSavvy connection with Shopify and your Shopify inventory management.

Shopify Questions

Do merchants fall in love with SKUSavvy?

It is quite possible to fall in love with SKUSavvy once you connect to Shopify, we have yet to be able to prevent this from happening. That said, be sure to alert any older vendors that you have moved on to something better and don't plan to look back.
Unlike most other systems this love tends to grow stronger over time as new possibilities are unlocked. If you have fallen in love, please tell us about it below :-)

What happens when I connect my Shopify store with SKUSavvy?

Now, as new orders are placed the customer and order information will flow into the appropriate location based on available inventory to fulfill the order and location of the delivery address.
With your successful connection to Shopify  your locations will come over as warehouses within SKUSavvy. Products and inventory will flow into your SKUSavvy account shortly thereafter, though products and inventory might take a while for large catalogs of product.

Where Should you update or add product details, Shopify or SKUSavvy?

When connected to SKUSavvy, new products added or existing product changes will flow into SKUSavvy in near-real time so you should update product details (not inventory) within Shopify, make bulk updates to products, or bulk adding products within Shopify.

If products are added to the inventory in SKUSavvy (with or without purchase order), will that update the inventory in Shopify automatically? If so, what is the approximate sync time?

You should always treat SKUSavvy as the source of truth for your inventory once connected.
When you add inventory to a warehouse bin location the change in total quantity will be sent back to Shopify to update the quantity. This should happen within a few minutes or less.

When an order is placed within Shopify and fulfilled within SKUSavvy what happens? What if the order is fulfilled within SKUSavvy?

The order will immediately come into SKUSavvy to be made available for fulfillment. Inventory for the order is held in a committed state at this point.
When the order is fulfilled within SKUSavvy the order status and tracking information are updated back to Shopify and the quantity of stock is removed from both systems.
When an order is placed within Shopify and also fulfilled within Shopify or another system, this will create an inventory reconciliation record within SKUSavvy. This will show on the inventory page and will request you to match up the stock that was removed, and the bin it was removed from.

What happens when you make inventory changes on Shopify once connected to SKUSavvy?

You should avoid this situation since SKUSavvy does not pull these inventory changes in from Shopify. Instead, you would manually adjust the difference in quantity in one system or the other to reflect accurate values.

How should you make inventory transfers or purchase orders?

Within Shopify, new incoming goods are created with a transfer. With SKUSavvy connected to Shopify, you should create new purchase orders within SKUSavvy. The inventory checked-in will be synced up to Shopify according to the location it is added to.
Cross-docking also called transfers within Shopify is a method of moving inventory from one warehouse location to another. This process should also happen within SKUSavvy and the inventory values will be sent back up to Shopify after transfer completion.

If an order comes into my Shopify dashboard on Shopify POS when I go to fulfill the order how will that look?

Yes, if an order is handled through POS, SKUSavvy will still receive the order and it will be reflected with a reconciliation record at that corresponding store location to account for the inventory - if you are planning to track store inventory, bin tracking within SKUSavvy can be as broad or specific as needed for retail scenarios. If the order is placed online for pickup in-store, the order will still show within SKUSavvy and you could fulfill this order directly within SKUSavvy, or on Shopify POS.

Does SKUSavvy pull in my vendor/product relationships and Transfers from Shopify

Yes and no. When you first connect with Shopify, if you already have products associated with a vendor, these will be pulled into SKUSavvy with the corresponding price. Unfortunately, Shopify has not enabled their transfers API so SKUSavvy cannot automatically create transfer orders in Shopify, but you don't need transfers within Shopify because they can be completely managed within SKUSavvy and inventory on both sides of the transfer will reflect in Shopify.

Where Should I place a phone/email/text order, Shopify or SKUSavvy?

Any new order should be created within Shopify since SKUSavvy does not accept payments for orders, or enable the order to be sent up to Shopify. The order will flow into SKUSavvy automatically.