Use different packaging materials in your warehouse network. How to allocate and enable different packaging materials.

Create Packaging

Within SKUSavvy packaging can be added and used during fulfillment. You'll need to add packaging in two stages. First is the high-level package type added within the admin and second is for individual warehouse quantities of packaging materials.

Note that some carriers have their own required default package sizes. If the carrier supports their own default package sizes SKUSavvy will add these to available packages.
You can optionally turn on tracking of your packaging inventory. When this setting is turned on each package size must have quantity within the warehouse to use the package type during fulfillment.
turn on inventory tracking for packaging materials

Create New Packaging

  • 1) Go into your account and select 'Packaging'

  • 2) Click 'Create'

create packaging in SKUSavvy

Add Package Details

  • 1) Package type code - connect your carriers first, which will populate this list with codes provided by carriers for specific packages offered by supported carriers

  • 2) Package name

  • 3) Price for the package - this is only added to an order cost created in SKUSavvy

  • 4) Option to add the package to all warehouses, otherwise you need to add the package to each individual warehouse supporting the packaging

  • 5) Dimensions and weight of the package

  • 6) 3D visual of the packaging

You still must add packaging quantity to each warehouse if you choose to track packaging inventory. You can delete the package type from your account by clicking into the package and clicking the delete button.

create custom packaging on SKUSavvy


Package materials like poly mailers, envelopes, and other flat shapes must still have a 'depth' to them, put a small size here. Our algorithm for package size suggestion will not work for flat packages, you can change the selection on order fulfillment.

Add Packaging to a Warehouse

Required if you are tracking packaging inventory OR you did not add the packaging to all warehouses on creation of a new package

Once a package size has been added at the admin level, you'll need to add packaging quantities to a warehouse. This will calculate the quantity of packages available, and provide a reorder point based on lead time from the supplier.

  • 1) Warehouse you are currently in (must be in a warehouse)

  • 2)Select inventory > packaging

  • 3) Click 'Add Packaging'

add packaging to a warehouse

If you have already added a type of packaging material to the warehouse, you will instead click on the package type and add quantity. This is only required if you intend to track packaging inventory

  • 1) Enter the quantity of this package type you want to add to the warehouse

  • 2) Enter the lead time for packaging materials

  • 3) Remove the package type from the warehouse

add packaging quantity

Once added, this package will be available on the order fulfillment screen.

Custom Packaging During Fulfillment

You can create packaging on-the-fly during the fulfillment workflow. The package will only be used for the single order. 
  • 1) During fulfillment instead of selecting packaging from the drop down simply click on the + icon

  • 2) Enter the dimensions of your custom package, then press 'Set Dimensions'

Get Packaging Report

You can export all the packaging you've used over a specified time period, and for a specific warehouse. Go to your company > packaging and press the export button.